Life Coaching and Therapy services are offered at Redefine LLC. Wanna know the difference between the two services?

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is geared towards those looking for assistance in personal development and growth, reviewing health in all domains to achieve the most of life.  This is for anyone who does generally well day-to-day, but would like to improve certain areas of life.  Get an expert’s opinion and direction on life, parenting, or marriage.


Therapy is offered to individuals who are diagnosed with a mental or emotional disorder and need help making life stable to function in everyday life.  These struggles may include anxiety, depression, or severe problems coping with a major life event.  Secure online sessions are also available through a HIPAA-compliant service here.

Personal Life Coaching

Schedule a private strategic session with Diana to determine your action plan towards achieving your life goals from a Biblical perspective. This service is for personal development and growth and may cover a wide variety of topics such as marriage, parenting, and life balance.  Together, you and Diana can review your health in all domains to achieve the most of life, or simply focus on one area.

Personal life coaching is simply that…it is coaching and not mental health therapy. This is appropriate for problem solving and advice on specific issues and not for treatment of mental health issues.

Book an Event

Book Diana for a media interview or speaking engagement.

Diana speaks on topics such as:

  • Parenting young children
  • The Biblical marriage
  • Personal health and life balance. 

See some examples of Diana’s media contribution at the bottom of the About page.

Professional Consultation

Need the help of a family and relationship expert for your business? Are you a physician or mental health professional seeking a consultation? Professional Consultation is offered to professionals seeking guidance to benefit their clients’ health and well-being.  Often, physicians may seek an opinion from a behavioral health expert in the treatment of complex issues, or another behavioral health provider needs a fresh perspective to find the effective solutions for their business or caseload.  These consultations are offered via phone or Skype and available in 30-minute increments.  Ask about our packages!



Diana treats a wide variety of diagnoses ranging including anxiety and trauma, depression, oppositional defiance, selective mutism, and adjusting to life transitions.  Sessions may include individual, marital, family, or conjoint sessions (identified patient and collaborative person).  Therapy sessions are offered for anyone seeking help treating a mental or emotional disorder. These services are provided at the offices of Redefine LLC or online.

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