On my time off for the holidays, I discovered my website went down in a flurry without recovery and the almost 10 years of content went with it.  So, here I am!  We have a FRESH START on my website.  We don’t always like changes, especially ones that we aren’t expecting but the perspective we take on every situation matters.  It matters to our mental and emotional health, as well as the relational health we have because our moods effect others who do life with us.  Creating a new website for me is a great way to force me to take another look at how I want to communicate my passion for personal growth and development and what better time than now as we approach the new year!  When you go through unexpected, especially unwanted changes, ask yourself “How can I grow from this? What’s my next step?”

What are situations where you have taken a challenging task and shifted your perspective into a hopeful one?